Welcome to Coffee & Culture – a blog about my experiments in teaching in the college classroom.

I dedicate a lot of my time to thinking and talking about teaching, however I have not spent a lot of time writing anything down…

So, I’ve decided to start writing about and sharing my ideas and experiments in teaching and learning in the college classroom and lab settings. I think this is valuable for a couple reasons: I should really be documenting these things, and sharing my experiences and getting feedback from the greater educator community will likely enhance what I do in the future.

The blog name? It includes a personal touch (coffee) and a pedagogical (culture) component. Those who know me also know that a cup of coffee is never far away. I use my time drinking coffee to get to know people, as an excuse to take a break and socialize, and to think about my work. The ‘culture’ represents cultivation and refinement in a few arenas – my personal and profession self, as well as my journey to create a learning environment where students are not limited by my teaching.

Welcome to my blog and thanks for stopping by!


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