Student Evaluation – Dealing with the good, the bad, and the just plain mean

Student evaluations can be tough to deal with. Here are some ways I cope with less than positive feedback!


More to Science than the Science: Cultural Components of STEM.

In this blog I’ve talked a lot about what I do in the classroom to provide the best experiences and opportunities for my students to learn. However, I want to take this opportunity to talk about my personal feelings on providing an education for my students outside of the lab or classroom – specifically, educating…

Learning about Learning – AAC&U STEM Conference 2016

Last week the Association of American Colleges and Universities hosted a conference titled, “Transforming Undergraduate STEM Education: Implications for 21st-Century Society” in Boston. It was fantastic! I was joined by a number of faculty from SU, as well as our Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Not only did we learn a lot,…